All you need to know about the G-spot

It is a common fact that orgasms can reduce stress, improve skin, and increase the overall well-being of a person. However, as we know, the penetrative orgasm is not known to induce orgasm in women that easily. It is uncommon for women to get an orgasm through intercourse alone; hence, the idea of a G-spot in women is also quite elusive.

But one should know that even if they have not experienced a vaginal orgasm, it is not impossible to do so. The most important way a woman can achieve orgasm is by knowing where a g-spot is.

What is the G-Spot?

G-spot is used frequently when discussing a woman’s sexual experience and sexuality. The question that pops up in a lot of people’s minds is whether a g-spot is real or not. The origin of this word can be traced back to Dr. Beverly Whipple after she learned that by using a “come here” motion, there could be a physical response in a woman’s vagina. According to Dr. Whipple, G-spot in Women could be one of the reasons why they achieve orgasm.

It is important to note that the G spot isn’t a separate area that forms a part of your body. It is pertinent to note that researchers sought to identify the G spot in a 2017 study but did not get anything conclusive.

For starters, the G spot is an integral part of your clitoral network rather than its own independent space in your vagina. This implies that when you go for the stimulation of the G spot, you’re stimulating a much wider portion of the clitoris than we’re conditioned to believe. The pea-sized nub in which the inner labia meet is the tip of the clitoris, and it separates into two “roots” up to four inches long.

How does one find it?

Finding the G spot in women can be tricky, especially because it has no mark on any human body map. That, of course, does not make it impossible to locate. Instead of searching profusely for it when you are having intercourse, self-exploration is a better way to locate it.

You must start by relaxing if you want to discover your G spot. Doing what seems right to you as you discover your body would be best. When ready, you can start rubbing your vaginal hole before inserting your fingers or a sex toy.

After that, you can use your fingers or toys and lift them upward in the direction of your belly button in a come here motion. It is pertinent to note that you are not trying to get a specific button. Rather, you need to see in the general region. It would be best if you did a repetitive movement of this motion until you build pleasure.

This area of pleasure can vary from person to person, and it can also hit at a different intensity. Many types of research confirm that there is no one size fits all way to vaginal orgasm.

The best sex positions to stimulate G-Spot in women.

Certain sex positions are highly recommended if you ever wish to experience how a G spot stimulation during sexual intercourse works. You can go for different styles and positions that give you more control over your emotions, making it easy to figure out what kinds of stimulation you like the most. While several sex positions can help you with the assistance in your endeavor, here are three to consider.


At first, need to let your spouse lie on their back, and then you have to get on top of them and straddle them. This posture gives you complete control over them along with their rhythm, depth, and angle of entry as well, allowing you to have your main focus on figuring out your G spot. Rather than bobbing up and down while having intercourse, go back and forth for better stimulation of the G-spot region against your inner vaginal wall. Changing things can also be quiet, so don’t hesitate to try new places and angles.

Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the excellent methods for achievement for deeper penetration during sex. Changing the angle is very simple if you want to strike your G spot.

It would be best to begin on your hands and knees, with your partner as support. To make changes in the angle of penetration, try leaning down on your forearms or pulling your hips backward and do it till you can find the position that works best for you.

Closed Missionary

This is one of the unique positions that are very different from missionary. You can get the best stimulation if you go for this position. You can first go for the missionary and quickly close your leg for the feels. This position has served to be quite useful for locating the G-spot in women. There might be chances of shallow penetration that you need to avoid if you want to find the spot. Letting a deep penetration before you go for squeezing is the best way for you to locate your G-spot. There might be other techniques that work for other women.

Find out what suits you the best.

A lot of our exposure to sex comes from movies. One needs to know that movies are known for unrealistic depictions of sex. Therefore, you also need to note that there are different ways in which people get satisfaction. There is no need to believe that getting the utmost pleasure out of sex is a shameful affair.

Everyone should have the liberty to be in charge of how they want their sex life to be. This thing will also make people believe that how people orgasm is different. It is very simple to prefer a combination of efforts when it comes to sex. All you need is patience and the ability to understand your body and mind. It might take time for some people to figure it out, and others may do it easily.

The essential thing that you need to make sure of is that you are content. Exploration of your body and sexual preferences is important to ensure you have a happy, safe, and satisfying sex life. You should never be ashamed of discovering what you like and what you don’t. After all, everyone deserves good sex and wants to be content too.


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