Benefits of Vitamin D

The time we used to spend before is not the same as now. Like when we were kids, we used to wake up early for school and do other activities on open ground. But now, anywhere we go, we mostly spend our time indoors at offices, gyms, and other places covered by massive towers around playgrounds.

And this minimal physical work has caused many people to have many vitamin deficiencies. Although there are many supplements available that can maintain your vitamin levels it is equally essential to ensure a healthy diet.  But is it good to take without any expert doctor’s advice? So before jumping to supplements for Vitamin D, you must take expert advice.

However, we have listed details about vitamin D. This can help you understand why vitamin D is required in the body, how to get treatment supplements, and what to do to increase Vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble compounds. You can naturally get Vitamin D from natural sunlight and supplements. 

Why do you need Vitamin D in your body?

1. Vitamin D might protect you from several diseases

● As mentioned, do not start supplements without reaching the core of diseases. In the body, vitamin D is linked with other components of the body. Research indicates that vitamin D is also linked with MS Multiple Sclerosis. A lower percentage of vitamin D might lead to a higher risk of MS., Which causes fatigue, speech issues, difficulty walking, and vision problems. 

● Also, the research is conducting whether heart attack or stroke happens due to a lower percentage of Vitamin D 

● Vitamin D also leads to poor health conditions. Due to that, your body cells won’t be able to fight with severe flu, and you fall sick very often. 

2. Vitamin D controls moods and decreases the risk of Depression 

Recently a study was done on people who take Vitamin D supplements. As per the research results, scientists concluded that the supplements help them control mood swings and focus well. It can reduce anxiety and Depression. Also, many people say that an early morning walk in sunlight in the park can increase the vitamin D in the body. Often people notice the change in mental health conditions changes with consistency. 

3. Vitamin D helps you to lose weight

Doctors say that higher percentages of fats in the body have a lower percentage of Vitamin D. As doctor prescribed supplements fit your body, the excessive fat from the body may reduce and increase the Vitamin D percentage in the body. 

Why are people facing Vitamin D Deficiency nowadays? 

The world is growing every day, inch by inch. Where we go, we have multi-story buildings in town. The direct sunlight in the morning, which has Vitamin D, is not consumed by the person in the required amount. Also, the diet plans of people are changing. Mostly during office time, we do not eat protein food well. That’s why other sources of Vitamin D cannot provide vitamin D to the body. Also, people with dark skin tones get less vitamin D due to higher levels of Melanin. 

Where to get the Vitamin on a routine day? 

The first thing is to start an early morning walk in an open playground or on a terrace. Where you can get the maximum direct sunlight, change your diet plan with healthy food. Here we list some of the food sources that can help boost your Vitamin D percentage in your body. Beef liver, Egg yolk, herrings, sardines, milk, orange juice, and yoghurt. Add this food to your diet plan to get Vitamin D. Further. You don’t have to cover the mentioned food or live on these items. 

What are the benefits of vitamin D? 

Vitamin is one of the vital vitamins required for any human body. It can affect your body in both physical and mental forms. To stay fit physically and mentally, you need to maintain a required percentage of Vitamin D in your body. It can increase your immune system. You have to walk on the beach or open a playground or terrace where you can face direct sunlight or sit there. After this process, you will see changes in your body, like a fresher mood and high energy in your body. Vitamin D will affect the muscles and bones of your body, especially the lower back, hip, and spine if you have a job where you have to sit on a screen for long hours and face these symptoms. You have a vitamin D deficiency, but with the right supplements, morning routine, and diet plan, you can overcome this. 

Also, if you have a job, you must walk and require high energy. You might feel tired, tiredness, aches, and stress fractures in your legs and pelvis. You can recover from all this with a change in your routine life. 

How does vitamin D help you with Depression?

Vitamin D and Depression are linked with one another. Vitamin D leads to fatigue and tiredness, which may cause mental stress. The person, due to tiredness and less physical health, is not able to give his best on physical activity and mental health, such as confusion in decision making, mood changes, and not being able to focus. Also, not being able to sleep well and follow a sleep schedule which leads to distraction at the workplace due to sleep.

So when you start getting treatment for Vitamin D, Supplements. When you reach a percentage, which is the minimum for your body per criteria. You can change these changes in your body both physically and mentally both. But you must follow it, maintain your diet, and go through regular treatment as prescribed. But it is not confirmed that it can help you with Depression; it can control it to some level. Many scientists are researching this topic. Also, if you take an excessive amount of vitamin D, it can lead to a worse condition of the body. So don’t be your doctor and choose an expert in vitamin D to get healthy. 


First, don’t try to directly jump on whether you have Vitamin D deficiency or not and start treating yourself. Take care of your health but don’t be your doctor for yourself. Visit your family doctor and go through basic diagnostics. If the medicine does not affect your body, the family doctor will suggest further treatment as per symptoms. As you go through the treatment, the medicine will be changed and affect your body. 

After that, you must follow the course of the medicines till the percentages to the minimum required in the body. After further treatment, the dose will be changed as per body requirements. If you have the minimum requirement in your body, you can go through the regular diet changes and supplements prescribed by your routine doctors. There are some symptoms we have listed above, so don’t blindly trust like they are due to a lack of vitamin D. There are other diseases in your body that can cause any of the mentioned symptoms. Besides this, you can follow natural treatments like consuming direct sunlight or changing your diet and routine.


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